Monday, November 15, 2010

Short Healing Guide By stealz


- Use Alt to see allied health bars (d'oh )

- Use the single target snapcast heal (Especially Shamans)
I see to many shamans running around using their chant of restoration. It drains your mana VERY fast, heals very little and puts all the attention on you. And, you cannot defend yourself.

I recommend using it ONLY: If you are not being attacked, have either
a) More than 3 allied units around you (and noone is attacking you at that time)
b) A Tempest and/or 2 Shamans next to you that are very low on mana, to help regen.
- Find a good target to heal.
Generally it is advised that you pick a high SF player, someone who will defend you or a Siege unit as main target, and use your heal on them everytime it is up. Next in line are other healers. Only if they are at high to full health heal some "lesser" units.
Simply put that will increase your XP gained and your teams overall progress.
If you heal for a while you will of course be able to pick your targets in different, situational ways, but this is a good strategy to start with.