Thursday, November 11, 2010

Second Post!

This is just a quick overview of the Humans units:

Builder: Cost = $0. Dan build and repair structures. Can replenish teammates ammo and shield them from ranged fire. Deals bonus damage to buildings.

Marksman: Cost = $0. Quick Stealthy recon class. Heavy emphasis on harassment and guerilla warfare. Strong ranged weaponry. Relatively weak in melee combat, however uses a 4 attack combo instead of 3.

Savage: Cost = $0. Frontline attack class. Almost entirely direct damage and damage support abilities. Good ranged weaponry, good melee abilities, great when used in groups.

Legionnaire: Cost = $400. Heavy assault class. Can give and take a lot of damage. Can self heal and reflect melee damage. Has very strong melee abilities and ranged weapons.

Chaplain: Cost =$0. Very efficient healer class. Can heal single targets and groups, and can also revive. Can increase damage dealt to enemies by teammates. Damage bonus vs hellbourne.

Battering Ram: Cost =$750. Close-range siege unit. Can deal massive damage to buildings. Has a limited ability to defend itself, but should be supported by teammates.

Steambuchet: Cost = $750. Long-range seige unit. Can deal heavy damage to buildings. Unable to defend itself and should be protected by teammates.


  1. Never heard of Savage...I'll def have to look into it.

  2. check the site out, :) add me online if you like: Optimusrhyme is my account, ill teach you how to play if you ever see me online