Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another healing guide by Caffiene

Ok, so there are way to many nubsauce chaps out there. I aim to remedy this, these are some of the things i personally do to be an effective healer and team member.

Stats - Obviously you can not spawn chaplain at the very beginning so you will have to get decent at combat to a point to not be a burden for your team in the beginning. So those of you chaps that just start stacking intel primarily with out endurance/str your useless in the begining of the game, keep that in mind. I start off first level with 4 in endurance, next 4 in strength, and then depending on how fast monastary will be up inteligence and endurance pretty much from there on out(endurance is HUGE for every class)

Items - I save 300 right away to get the medium armor, then use about 300 gold for the 3 sets of mana pots and i donate the rest just about every life, the mana shrine stones you can get are a waste of money.(use persistant items if you have them to conserve mana pots)

Technique - technique is key, blocking is your bff  dont be afraid to take a few hits here and there to distract from a lower hp player until you have time to heal them. Pay attention to who is slaying fools, and who is being slayed, of course concentrate your healing to the better players. Also when i heal i focus on my next heal no matter if i have an enemy after my soul, which i usually have tons of people on me. Just keep moving and use the hills/charge to your advantage, be un predictable in your movements.

Group heals - the group heal is probably the best healing spell you have, not because it heals 1 target for alot, but of course it heals multiple targets including yourself, but you do not need line of site in order to heal some one, around corners or over a hill. It also has a little longer range then the single target heal which can help with a closing in on a damaged team mate hit them with a group heal as soon as its in range, then single target heal as you get closer.

Resurections - Knowing when and who to res can be difficult at times because i would say 60% of the time when an average chap reses some one some one else dies by that res because they res'd instead of healed the unit beind damaged, this is acceptable if your resing some one that is way better, of course if you can get that res and keep both up you just are that much better 

Shield of sol - Shield of sol is a very powerful spell because it can be used offensivly for distracting fire from spires so teamates can close distanace with out being shot, it heals you every hit, and it saves your ass when your getting wtfpwned. 

It was requested by some that i post some tips on this, i didnt mean to write an entire novel, but if you read all of this, your that much better of a chaplain already

Monday, November 15, 2010

Short Healing Guide By stealz


- Use Alt to see allied health bars (d'oh )

- Use the single target snapcast heal (Especially Shamans)
I see to many shamans running around using their chant of restoration. It drains your mana VERY fast, heals very little and puts all the attention on you. And, you cannot defend yourself.

I recommend using it ONLY: If you are not being attacked, have either
a) More than 3 allied units around you (and noone is attacking you at that time)
b) A Tempest and/or 2 Shamans next to you that are very low on mana, to help regen.
- Find a good target to heal.
Generally it is advised that you pick a high SF player, someone who will defend you or a Siege unit as main target, and use your heal on them everytime it is up. Next in line are other healers. Only if they are at high to full health heal some "lesser" units.
Simply put that will increase your XP gained and your teams overall progress.
If you heal for a while you will of course be able to pick your targets in different, situational ways, but this is a good strategy to start with.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Just played a game against IHealNoobs (a high ranking SF player) and scored a monstrous 20 kills in one life with a predator ;) ill pop up a screen shot later

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Game 3!! oops..

Savage 2 is a great game. There is no doubt about it. Its just not as widely popular as other games, even though the game concept is much (in my opinion) more appealing that other more popular games. Because it is independent, the S2 team doesnt get as much money from their work, which means that there is sometimes a bit of an issue with server crashing from overloaded master servers... that just happened :(

oh well :(

Match 2: 272905

Beasts: Lvl 9: 18 minutes: 10 kills 6 deaths. most experience, most npc's killed :) collected 15 souls! READY FOR A HELLSHRINE!!!!!

Match Review 1: 272902

First match review! Joined a game 20 minutes in. Joined beasts at lvl 4. Just chose my items, killed a few noobs and the match was over... too easy ;)

Second Post!

This is just a quick overview of the Humans units:

Builder: Cost = $0. Dan build and repair structures. Can replenish teammates ammo and shield them from ranged fire. Deals bonus damage to buildings.

Marksman: Cost = $0. Quick Stealthy recon class. Heavy emphasis on harassment and guerilla warfare. Strong ranged weaponry. Relatively weak in melee combat, however uses a 4 attack combo instead of 3.

Savage: Cost = $0. Frontline attack class. Almost entirely direct damage and damage support abilities. Good ranged weaponry, good melee abilities, great when used in groups.

Legionnaire: Cost = $400. Heavy assault class. Can give and take a lot of damage. Can self heal and reflect melee damage. Has very strong melee abilities and ranged weapons.

Chaplain: Cost =$0. Very efficient healer class. Can heal single targets and groups, and can also revive. Can increase damage dealt to enemies by teammates. Damage bonus vs hellbourne.

Battering Ram: Cost =$750. Close-range siege unit. Can deal massive damage to buildings. Has a limited ability to defend itself, but should be supported by teammates.

Steambuchet: Cost = $750. Long-range seige unit. Can deal heavy damage to buildings. Unable to defend itself and should be protected by teammates.